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1Free Performance Mods Empty Free Performance Mods on Tue Jun 22, 2010 11:02 am

Looking at the intake system for the Jag. The idea was proposed to remove the headlights and partially cut away the airboxes on both sides of the engine. This would allow the air filters to be directly in the flow of fresh air from the front of the car, while still being partially shielded from the hot engine air by the remaining section of the airbox. It would turn into a sort of ram-air-ish system and eliminate the rather restrictive fender intake system that came with the car.

On the exhaust side, the Jag seems to have at least three catalytic converters for each engine bank. Assuming that we can cut them all out, we can probably salvage enough of the original exhaust piping to exit the pipes behind the driver. The Jag came with 4 mufflers. Two of those had the inlet and outlet on the same side, but the other two were of a straight through design. We could use those to minimize restriction and hopefully still meet the noise requirements.

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