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If we were to race the Jag again...

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1If we were to race the Jag again... Empty If we were to race the Jag again... on Mon Aug 16, 2010 4:24 pm

To see what it would cost us to run the Jaguar again let's figure out what it would need to compete again.

At least one new tire. The ones on the drivers side could go another race, but we'd want to get more aggressive in the corners and would need to assume that we are going to use up the front passenger side tire.

Brake pads.

Cut springs all the way around. Let's get that thing in the weeds.

Bushings for the front sway bar and lower control arms.

Distributor solution. Maybe one of the brands of distributor is less prone to cracking. If so it would be a worthwhile investment.

Find and repair the trans leak. I imagine that this will not cost us anything but we may want to fortify the lines.

New harness. I understand that the race harness that we are using will expire at the end of this year.

Fuel. If we run the car hard the whole weekend we could go through as much as $1000 worth of fuel. Or about the same cost as caging another vehicle.

Doing some rough numbers on the items listed above and registration costs I get about $3000 to get the car back out there again. Shirts, food accommodations and surprise breakdowns are not included.

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2If we were to race the Jag again... Empty Re: If we were to race the Jag again... on Mon Aug 16, 2010 5:15 pm

Brake pads front: $116 max ebc should give us a discount
Brake pads rear: already have
brake rotors front: $32 - $250 ea
brake rotors rear: $23 -$150 ea
dist cap: five brands to choose from $47-$92 if both ours are working now one more should be good
harness: $70
fees: $1100
shocks: free plus brackets
bushings: already have
fuel: hard to say but no way it is a grand that would be 19 gallons per hour. for this I am guessing $750 which puts us at 14.2 gallons per hour

so assuming this is all we need and we go cheap that puts us at 2193 plus tax and shipping. probably a little optimistic, but close enough.

besides eating distributor caps the jag has been surprisingly reliable. Removing the thermostats is something that should have been done before the race and the trans leak should be an easy fix.

anyways I sold the vw to another lemons team and I am setting that money aside to run the next race.

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