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Proposed Brake Foil

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1Proposed Brake Foil Empty Proposed Brake Foil on Mon May 17, 2010 2:00 pm

While we are unlikely to have the time to implement it, I would like to propose an improved brake foil based on the design originally used by Faster Farms Racing.

The idea is that the spoiler is normally held in a horizontal orientation providing limited aerodynamic drag. When under braking or other negative G forces a weight slides forward pulling the leading edge of spoiler down providing both downforce over the back end and acting as a brake foil decreasing the vehicle's aerodynamics. The weight could be a skateboard contained by "c" channels and having a weight bolted to it's deck. Under acceleration the weight would slide backward pulling the trailing edge of the spoiler back down to its level orientation.

[img]Proposed Brake Foil[/img]

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