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Cost per hour of track time

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1Cost per hour of track time Empty Cost per hour of track time on Tue Aug 17, 2010 3:11 pm

I am trying to get a better idea of what it would cost to run another race.

we had four days on the track
HOD track day about two hours
Friday before the race one hour
Saturday missed first 1:30 and 2 hours in the middle so 5:30
Sunday missed 1:30 so 5:30
That gives us 14 hours of run time
we have about 7:30:00 of laps under 3 min
and 1:40:00 of laps under 2:40

the next race assuming all goes well
Saturday 8 hours on track 1 hour for fuel and driver changes
Sunday 6 hours on tack 1 hour off
so 14 hour of fast but not abusive laps. averaging 2:28.67 would give us the win if that is at all important

we had 12 hours on track for the race weekend.
we started with a full tank of fuel and have 35 gallons left
how much fuel did we buy?

I took measurements of the tread depth and found that we didn't use all that much tire. when averaged across each tire we used 12, 14, 23, and 28 percent of the tires. the worst section of tire was one side of the middle of what started as the right front at 47%
If we can get the suspension sorted we should get another race out of this set

a set or rear pad will go two races easily
fronts look like one race per set
didn't get any measurements here so these are just guesses

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2Cost per hour of track time Empty Re: Cost per hour of track time on Tue Oct 12, 2010 9:45 am

By my calculations, we spent $363 on fuel. I don't remember what the cost of it was, but at $3.25/gallon, that would have been 111 gallons.

I am actually quite impressed that our heavyweight car didn't use more tires.

With brakes, new front pads are a must I agree. What about the rotors? Do you remember what they looked like? If not, we will see on Saturday.

I like the calculations with the lap times. Now that we got one successful race under our belt, we should strategize (and bring a repaired Jag featuring one badass suspension)

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