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Return of the Borrowed Turbo (Paging Alan)

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1Return of the Borrowed Turbo (Paging Alan) Empty Return of the Borrowed Turbo (Paging Alan) on Wed Sep 24, 2014 11:39 am

The below is the email from the A4 team that borrowed some of our parts. Specifically, do we want our turbo or one of the other ones they offer?


This is Ken from the UnQuattro #909 team. Thanks again for the lending of your K03! A few items of business:

Where can we send it back to? We won't be at the December race, but likely at the March Sonoma race. If you'll be at the former, we may be able to come up, as we're SF based. If not the former but the latter, and don't need it until then, we'll bring it. If you want it back ASAP, let me know where to ship it!

Also, if we can send you an equal-quality (OEM and in great condition) turbo we've pulled from another car, let me know. We have two such turbos in our possession NOW and that would make life easier as we wouldn't need to swap the installed turbo back out. Your choice.

We'll also be handing back the N75 and PCV we borrowed.

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Either turbo is fine. As far as when, it would be nice to get it back in December but I don't think we really need it.

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Let's try to get it in december just in case. If they are based in the bay, they can ship it or drop it off to me if they prefer.

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